Spotlight: Nail Art

Gone are the days of french manicures. Let’s get creative, girls!

I was recently at an “Ancient Egypt” themed party where I received this amazing necklace. The necklace represented an Egyptian power symbol. I loved the design and meaning behind it and I’m obsessed with triangle pendant necklaces as it is. Going off the black and white trend for Spring 2013, I decided I wanted this design on my nails. Check it out!

Some people said it looks like the evil eye, either way I think it’s pretty cool 🙂

Here are some amazing nail art designs I found on instagram. Speaking of instagram, be sure to follow me at Ali_Nyc and FashionDivaDiaries. Xo

aquamarine nails

P.S. Marchesa just announced that they are collaborating with Revlon on a new beauty line which includes nail art, nail polish, lip and eye products and beauty tools!