Spotlight: Nail Art

Gone are the days of french manicures. Let’s get creative, girls!

I was recently at an “Ancient Egypt” themed party where I received this amazing necklace. The necklace represented an Egyptian power symbol. I loved the design and meaning behind it and I’m obsessed with triangle pendant necklaces as it is. Going off the black and white trend for Spring 2013, I decided I wanted this design on my nails. Check it out!

Some people said it looks like the evil eye, either way I think it’s pretty cool 🙂

Here are some amazing nail art designs I found on instagram. Speaking of instagram, be sure to follow me at Ali_Nyc and FashionDivaDiaries. Xo

aquamarine nails

P.S. Marchesa just announced that they are collaborating with Revlon on a new beauty line which includes nail art, nail polish, lip and eye products and beauty tools!


Best New Anti-Aging Skincare Collection

korres1If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with anti-aging products and I’m always looking for the next best (natural) thing. I’m so excited to tell you about a new skincare line from Korres. Made with Quercetin & Oak, these products are a natural alternative to retinol.

While standing in Sephora carefully reading and analyzing all the anti-aging products, a recommendation from the sales associate peaked my interest in this new product. Reluctant to try the travel size, it’s actually a great way to try the eye cream, face serum and night cream for a great price! Extra bonus, the night cream comes in full size.

Korres promises fast acting, visible results and I couldn’t agree more. Within a month, I noticed my skin smoother, firmer and has a healthier glow. I highly recommend you try it. These products along with a healthy diet & exercise, plenty of water and rest will make you feel like you discovered the fountain of youth.

Korres Quercetin & Oak Advanced Anti-Aging Skincare Collection: Available online at and Sephora locations for $56.00 ($93 value)


I had the great pleasure to be a model on Better TV yesterday. It was to promote Andrea Pomerantz Lustig’s new book titled “How to Look Expensive”.  Behind the scenes Andrea, her assistant Molly and two other models and I prepped on wardrobe, makeup and last minute adjustments. It was interesting to see what goes on in the green room and live tv. There were other guests from the reality show Farm Kings and other celebrity guests as well waiting their turn to be interviewed by JD Roberto and Cat Greenleaf.

We then were escorted on to the set. Watching JD and Cat do their thing and read the teleprompter and have great chemistry is hard to do! They make it look so natural. Obviously, they are the professionals. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ACTION! Andrea started with me as she pretended to apply eye shadow on me then self tanner. She then talked about my hair. On to the 2nd and 3rd model..CUT!

Overall, it was a great, fun experience! It was cool to meet Cat Greenleaf from NBC’s Talk Stoop! I’ve been watching her for years. Networking with Andrea and her team, I am now shooting a video next week for the launch of her new YouTube Channel! They want to color my hair!! YIKES! Stay Tuned!

The Better Show Airs 6am EST on CBS Channel 2

“How To Look Expensive” By Andrea Pomerantz Lustig

green room